Been awhile…

So it’s been, what, 10 months since I last wrote in this thing? Haha. Well, I’ve been sorta keeping up with knitting if not blogging about it!

Recently I’ve been doing some baby knits for my friend’s new niece. I never realized how adorable baby knits are! I’ll try to remember to post pictures when I’m done.. My current take-to-school project is the Autumn Arbor Stole (Ravlink) by Anne Hanson, using Sundara fingering silky cashmere in these lovely shades of green. Gorgeous yarn, gorgeous pattern. I love the combination and am pretty sure the end product will be quite nice. But! I’m getting so tired of knitting it, haha… It’s endless!! In any case, here is a bad progress shot taken while at school with my phone.

Recently, while going through my stash, I noticed I have a lot of green yarn. What’s up with that?! I think I shy away from neutrals (browns, grays) because they tend to be kind of dull – and I’m incapable of picking a nice warm brown. I know I stay away from blue because I wear jeans often, and blue-on-blue is not really a combination I’m that fond of. Pinks and purples are not really my style. I have a hard time finding a nice deep red that I think will look nice. So, I suppose I just default to green.. not that I’m complaining!

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