Winter is coming… to quote George R.R. Martin.

I love this time of year. It’s when I get excited about my knitting again, when I rediscover my stash and imagine all the potential wooly things that could come out of it. When I’m surrounded by my stash and inspiration, I almost feel like an artist! But unfortunately, this is also the period of time when I start getting really fickle with my knitting, changing projects nearly everyday because I’ve discovered Something More Exciting and decide to abandon my Previously Very Exciting project.

For example.. Baby knits. A month and a half ago, super excited over the absolute adorableness that comes with knitting for babies. I made two pairs of these really cute booties! A pair of mitts, nearly finished.. Buttonholes and sewing buttons are boring though, so I stopped.

Lately I’ve been working on a pair of mittens for my roommate. I finished one in a couple of days; the pattern is so interesting! But alas, the second one is not nearly as fun because it’s exactly the same as the first… :P I’m struggling with indecision because I really should finish that second mitten, but I have so many plans, so many ideas. A lacey woolen blanket! A sweater – or five. A nice wooly scarf. A lovely, buttery, bulky cabled alpaca scarf in a deep, gorgeous red… which I’ll admit, is one of my current projects, and I really want the finished product, but right now it’s a boring knit.

I’m pretty sure my fickleness with my knitting is why I’m always, always out of needles. I should go through my stash and clear out old projects so I can recover all those needles. It’s a more practical plan than buying new needles (but not half as fun!). But I’m a little scared to go through my stash. I’ll refrain from taking pictures of the whole thing; it’s rather scarily big. :P

Well, off to knit a mitten.. or a scarf. Or maybe I’ll just daydream about all the knits I’ll never finish if I keep changing my mind. :)

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