My newest obsession…

… spindles! And spinning. I’m making yarn! How cool is that? Or weird, too, I guess. :P I tried spinning before, years ago, and gave up when the yarn I produced was similar to, hmm.. ugly poop (Note to anyone who might start spinning: don’t pick a dark brown as your first roving/top!). It was uneven, lumpy, bulky. I’d show you all a picture but I’m pretty sure I never took one.

Anyhow, THIS time around, my yarn is much prettier. :D And it’s even (for the most part)! And it’s thin (sometimes)! Shown above is my new Kundert top-whorl with some Ashland Bay Merino. So fluffy!! This is my ‘learning’ project. Well, technically I bought some wine-colored Corriedale wool and was working on that with a really heavy bottom-whorl spindle I bought, but then I started looking at other fibers that were much more brilliantly colored. Not to say the Corriedale isn’t pretty! But it kind of pales in comparison to the softness and pastel multicolor that is this merino wool. I’m hoping to make a small shawlette/scarf with this yarn once I eventually finished. I’ve actually already 2-plied a skein that’s roughly 144 yards in approximately fingering weight so I think it’s doable.

Another project I’m working on is a blue/white Suri Alpaca on a Bosworth mini (purpleheart whorl, so pretty!):

This stuff is sooo soft and silky. So slippery to spin, though! I get so scared every time the spindle drops to the floor. Luckily I only use it in my room, so it falls on carpet. In case it hasn’t been completely obvious, yes, I’m really excited about spinning these days and am determined to get good at it. My knitting has completely been placed on the backburner, so there might not be any update on knits for awhile. But I’ll spin my hardest so I can (hopefully) post some pictures of usable yarn made by yours truly! x)

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3 Responses to My newest obsession…

  1. woah, that’s awesome! i can’t believe you can make your own yarn! maybe you should convince your parents to get sheep instead of another cat….

  2. KnitterInPink says:

    Awesome!!!!!!! I love my drop spindle, but I love my wheel too! It’s best to learn on the drop spindle first. It looks like you’re getting really good consistency in your yarn! Keep it up!

  3. Priscilla says:

    Steph: haha, I thought about it! Or an angora bunny.. mm. But my cats would probably terrorize it. :(

    KnitterInPink: Thank you! :) I’m having so much fun with it, hehe

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