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I have this new bag, you see…

Oh dear. Has it really been nearly 15 days since I last blogged?! There goes my attempt at blogging weekly. :( The thing is… lately, there just hasn’t been a lot of knitting going on. I started a pair of … Continue reading

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If you know me, I may have expounded to you on occasion about the wonders of alpaca: its buttery softness, its warmth, its drape, and have I mentioned its buttery softness yet? True, alpaca lacks the bounce one finds in … Continue reading

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A few thoughts on handspinning…

Lately I’ve been on a bit of a spindling kick, thus once again neglecting my knitting.. yes, even my Cria project. :( On that project, I’m now past the arm/body separating and onto the boring knitting, so my interest has … Continue reading

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I was going to begin this blog with yet another apology for not updating in a good long while, but then I realized that’d probably be pointless. I’m pretty sure it will happen again (and again, and probably again) until … Continue reading

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