If you know me, I may have expounded to you on occasion about the wonders of alpaca: its buttery softness, its warmth, its drape, and have I mentioned its buttery softness yet? True, alpaca lacks the bounce one finds in good wool… but it more than makes up for it with its qualities. Plus, the animal (a relative to the llama) is adorable. :)

So, I was thinking about alpaca last night. Specifically, I was thinking about making a giant red cabled scarf. The weather in the Bay Area has been less than summery lately, and a warm drapey scarf in a cheerful red seemed just the thing to make and wear. Then I remembered that I’d started such a scarf awhile back.

The yarn is Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky in a gorgeous, vibrant red. It is unbelievably soft in the skein, though it does shed quite a bit (note: definitely not the best idea to wear a white tank top while knitting with this yarn). I can’t attest to whether it’s scratchy to wear, but comments on Ravelry have mentioned this as an issue. I don’t have a sensitive neck though, so hopefully it will be alright. :)

When I first bought the yarn, I already had some idea of what I wanted to do with it. I knew I wanted a drapey cabled scarf with somewhat irregular looking cables. Luckily, I found a pattern that matched my specifics through Ravelry, Back Cove Scarf, and didn’t have to come up with my own. Yay! :)

It turns out that I’ve bought quite a bit of this alpaca yarn. That’s not that surprising, considering how much I love alpaca, but what’s funny is that I didn’t realize I was buying the same brand each time. Also, the projects I’d planned when buying this yarn have all been scarves! I foresee a lot of alpaca scarves in my future…

When I was going through my stash, I found some skeins in brown and pink, earmarked for a horizontally striped scarf. I originally wanted to make a scarf with big, chunky stripes, but now I’m thinking maybe I’ll do thin stripes instead.

I also found some pretty blue yarn that I’d bought, envisioning a soft cabled scarf.

But! I’m already making a cabled scarf with the red yarn.. Also, I found a really cute cowl pattern while browsing Ravelry last night: GAP-tastic Cowl. I’m thinking this yarn would look pretty cute in that pattern, so I may try it. :)

Really though, it’ll be awhile til I get to all these scarves. I’m sorta working on the red cabled one right now, but it’s mostly when I need a break from knitting my brother’s socks. There’s also a blanket for charity that I need to start soon. Aaand every now and then, when I need a break from knitting, I go back to spinning. So much fibery stuff going on! I wish I could say this is uncharacteristic of me, but really, it isn’t. Having 20+ projects constantly going on as well as my short attention span are probably the reasons why I have a hard time finishing things up. :P


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