I have this new bag, you see…

Oh dear. Has it really been nearly 15 days since I last blogged?! There goes my attempt at blogging weekly. :(

The thing is… lately, there just hasn’t been a lot of knitting going on. I started a pair of socks for my brother, using the Java Socks pattern from Knitty, and while the mini-cables add a lot of interest and texture (and look super nice to boot!), they are such a pain to do! It feels like some of the slowest knitting I’ve ever done. Plus, they’re socks for a guy (read: big feet therefore requiring much more knitting). And they’re brown, which.. is a little boring. If it was brown flecked with magenta or something colorful, that’d be more fun – but less masculine, I suppose. :P

They’ll get done eventually. Hopefully before I head back down to Southern California in two weeks.

I have to admit, there have been some distractions. First there was the giant red cabled scarf (more on that later). And of course, I needed a hat to match it.. right?

Then I got a new messenger bag, and it’s so roomy that I can totally fit my knitting in there along with school stuff. Yay! But I didn’t want to just stuff my knitting in there, it’d get dirty or tangled or something. What I needed was a bag for my knitting. Something pretty. Something roomy.

I checked out things at Etsy, and there were some cute project bags. But I didn’t really want to pay $30 for a bag.

The only solution, I decided, was to make one myself. Thus:

Okay, I know it doesn’t look like much, but I LOVE this thing. It’s pretty. It’s roomy. It’s in Cal colors (yes damnit that still matters). I put pockets in it. :D

It even makes the brown sock look awesome (and renewed my enthusiasm for the project)!

Who knew that this one bag would lead me into a bout of sewing obsession…

Next I decided I needed a laptop sleeve.

I really like the fabric combination on this bag. And look, I even added a D-ring so I can attach a strap. :D

‘Course, after this, I thought I could use more of a challenge. A dress, maybe. I really like dresses, but don’t have a lot of them because (1) I’m picky about the style, (2) I’m picky about the colors and/or print pattern, and (3) I’m cheap. Considering these factors, sewing one for myself seemed like a good plan.

I found a pattern for this pleated dress/tunic thing. The picture on the pattern sleeve looked really cute and casual. So I made it.

Alas, I forgot that lack of a visible waist = big, flowy sack on me. So it’s done.. but I’ll probably never wear it. :P

P.S. I don’t know if you noticed that purple flowery fabric in the background of some of my pictures, but that was destined to become another dress. A much more satisfying one. :P

P.P.S. Sorry about the lack of progress on your socks, lil bro. I promise I’ll finish them (!). It just might take awhile….

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One Response to I have this new bag, you see…

  1. okay, 1. I’m super impressed by your sewing skillz!
    2. Damnit, yes. blue and gold do still matter. :-) Go bears!
    3. Love the bag.
    4. You’re leaving in two weeks already? crap! we must hang out more before you go!

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