I heart alpaca.

So it’s dreary and gray outside today, which makes me incredibly happy. I’m a Bay Area girl at heart, and for me, fog > hot searing sun any day!

What especially makes me happy about cold weather is that I can FINALLY wear alpaca. I believe I’ve previously extolled at length on the wonderfulness that is alpaca, so I won’t get into that here — not too much, anyway. But oh my, it is such luscious stuff. I cannot wait until it finally gets cold enough here in SoCal for me to wear alpaca. If the weather doesn’t cooperate with me, I will be very sad. :(

This past summer, I completed a big, cozy, red alpaca cabled scarf. And it came out gorgeous, though it sheds like a beast. If there were a shedding competition between my cat and the scarf, I think the scarf would actually win. And together, they are a force to be reckoned with. ;)

Look at that smug look on her face!

The yarn, Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, is something I’ve blogged about previously. Even with the shedding, it’s one of my favorite yarns, and often while I’m knitting with it, I have this urge to roll around in it. So would my cat, which is why I’ve never actually tried to lay it all out to roll on. ;P

After finishing the scarf, I still had ~100 yards of yarn left – enough for a little hat! :) I made the Icing Swirl Hat, designed by Ysolda.

Excuse the horrible hair, please…

Winter, I am READY for you!

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