Hello blog!

Once again, I am back with excuses for my long absence. You know, the usual: busy with school, overwhelmed with studying, etc, etc.

I’d planned a blog post with pictures… however, for some reason the ones I took on my phone did not upload when I imported pictures onto my computer. Weird. So! This post is sans pictures, sorry. :P They weren’t very good pictures, in any case.

A couple days ago, I received my very first order from fabric.com! Exciting stuff, and I’m happy to say, I received the correct order. :) Last night, the pattern I ordered for my Halloween costume finally came in the mail — Simplicity 2172 – along with the other patterns I bought in order to reach the price required for free shipping… Of course, then I went to Joann’s to get some boning and other stuff (I’m attempting a bustier! So exciting). And discovered… a sale. $0.99 per McCall’s pattern, limit of 10 patterns per purchase. This resulted in (1) me spending more money than anticipated, and (2) me spending much more time than planned. Oh, and I had a stupid moment: when looking for boning, I saw a small pack of 2 yards for $5, and a BIG box of 12 yards for $2.99. So of course I grabbed the box… only to find out it was sold by the yard! Yes, I did almost buy $30+ of boning. -_-;

In any case, pattern cutting commenced, and hopefully I will have something interesting to post about soon.

Other crafty news: I finished my corduroy jacket, which I love except for one huge problem – I messed up the hem, badly. I’ll still wear it, probably, but I’m really embarrassed by the hem! I’m not going to try to fix it (again) because I’m lazy, but also because I don’t really want to make the jacket any shorter than it is… Lessons learned? Pay attention to the pattern instructions! Read carefully! Don’t fail at reading comprehension (which has been happening a lot lately)!

Oh, and there’s been some knitting going on, but I don’t want to show pictures because it’s just a dull tan color (thus far). It’s a blanket I’m making for the Worldbuilders fundraiser held by the fantastic Patrick Rothfuss (psst, go read his book!) Hopefully I will be able to finish it in time… otherwise, I’m pretty sure I can finish it in time for next year’s fundraiser. :P

On a final note.. for whoever occasionally reads my blog, please don’t expect regular posting! I wanted to keep up with blogging weekly, but alas.. school is kicking my butt this semester, so I probably won’t be able to post regularly until after the semester – or knit/sew a whole lot, either! I know, sadness. :(

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One Response to Excuses

  1. Steph says:

    A corduroy jacket–my! I’m continually impressed. :) Can’t wait to see it when you come home.

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