A spontaneous attempt at becoming more organized

Whoa, has it really been a month since I last blogged?! I guess my plan of blogging weekly kinda broke down. :/ I haven't been knitting much lately; I've been distracted these past few weeks with Kim Harrison's Hollows series, so I've pretty much been reading nonstop. But! I do have something to blog about today, even though it's not knitting. I made a planner!

I toyed with the idea of making a planner for myself awhile back, but ultimately decided not to since I wasn't sure that I would use one. But I've recently been hired at a school district, so I decided to make one yesterday in an attempt at becoming more organized. :) As for why I made one instead of buying one — because this way I get to pick what's in it and how it looks! Also, I didn't see any that I liked enough to purchase.

I bought the planner printables from Droplet. I love how the pages are clean and simple, but still really cute. I also really like that the dates are blank, so you can reuse the printables over and over again! Although, I will admit it was kind of a pain to write all the dates in. :P

I printed the half-size sheets and put them in a mini-binder I bought from Staples. I didn't like how the binder looked, so I made a fabric cover for it.

I followed this tutorial, but modified the size since I wasn't making one for a regular sized binder. I also added one more pocket! The math took me awhile, haha – and the fit is not perfect, but it's passable. :P I have to say, this was absolutely the most haphazard sewing project I've done. I did not press the seams (my mom's iron broke, and mine is sitting in storage in Orange County… :|), I did not use any pins (out of sheer laziness), and the only measuring I did was when cutting out the pieces. As a result, the sleeve is sewn together messily and parts of it are crooked… But hopefully it's only noticeable when you look at it closely. :P

Oh yeah, and the flap pocket is backwards. >_>; I picked bright, cheerful colors and prints on purpose to balance out the dread I'll probably feel once I start filling it with to-dos, meetings, etc. I think it veers toward being too bright and colorful, like something a kid would carry, but hey, like my brother told me, it'll fit right in at a school setting. :p And I think it's rather cute. :D

Aside from the ladybug + flowers print, my favorite part is probably the pen pockets. :)

Alrighty, now that I've shared my new planner… I am off to sleep. (And my cat just pounded on my door to be let into my room, so it is definitely time for bed, hah.)


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